My Retirement Club

By: GL+A Civil Engineers & Land Surveyors, Fremont, California

(Real estate developer, Civil Engineer, Land Surveyor, Planner)

My Retirement Club (MRC) Membership Free Application

Fill in the Application Below. Currently, we sre not accepting any form of payments.

We are however, are building a list of buyers and properties for retiries.

We will inform you to finalize your application once we have secured the subdivided parcels.

This land purchase agreement has a five year maturity program. No more. Our goal, affordability and market share.

After a 60 month payment period, the property is yours with all legitimate documents.
You can choose to micro farm your land and we can help you develop your property and build your home as well.

Note: please take a screen shot of the filled out form and text or email the image to us.
We will respond with the same image adding an account number on the same image and emailed back to you.

For security reasons, this method of communication is very secured and no one can scan the information on a screen shot.

This form is the only method of registering you to My Retirement Club.

We depend on your security domain as well.

Screen Shot the Form below after adding your information and email or text image to:

First Name:
Last Name:
Location Preference:
Phone: /Cell Phone:
Property Preference Titled Properties Certificate
Tax Declaration Lease Certificate

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